Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time for pruning rose? Top
The best time of pruning is the period when the activity of rose plant is atleast and the plant is dormant to near dormant stage. Pruning time will depend on climatic conditions of the particular region. Cutting back the vigorous past season shoots to half the length. All the weak, diseased, criss-crossing and unproductive shoots are removed. The cut ends should be protected with Bordeaux
When will the flowers initiate after pruning in rose?
40 days after pruning.
When the hybrid roses should be pruned? Top
During September & December.
What is the fertilizer requirement of Gladiolus?
Two of SSP pre-sowing, Two bags of NPK at the time of First Hoeing per acre.
What should be done to get more branches in chrysanthemum? Top
Pinching should be done once in 4 weeks after planting to induce more branching in chrysanthemum.
Explain the propagation and planting techniques in tuberose? Top
Corms are planted (30 TO 50 Monds/Acre) on the top of ridges at 60 x 20 cm spacing at 5 cm depth during Feb – March.
Which plant part is used as planting material inmarva? Top
Cuttings & Seeds are used as planting material.
Explain the propagation of Standard carnation? Top
5 to 10 cm terminal cuttings are treated with NAA at 500 ppm for 5 minutes and planted in raised beds.
What is the ideal growing condition for carnation? Top
Day temperature – 20 – 25°C
Critical photoperiod – 13 hours
RH – 50-60%
How to control fungal diseases in gladiolus? Top
The corms are dipped in hot water at 40 - 45°C + fungicide (captan 2g/lit) to control nematode and fungal disease.
What is the correct stage of gladiolus spikes for harvest? Top
The flower spikes are harvested when the first bud shows the colour of the variety.
How much yield can we get from a hectare of Gladiolus? Top
About 1 lakh and 50 thousand spikes/ha.
What is the seed rate for Marigold? Top
The seed rate required for Marigold is 1 kg/Acre.
Why isn't My Wisteria Blooming? Top
With proper care and frequent pruning, wisterias will produce brilliant colored blossoms year after year. However, wisterias can be reluctant to bloom for many reasons, including improper pruning and fertilizing, or they simply may not be old enough yet.