Directorate of Floriculture is going to start following initiatives

UP-Gradation of Flower Markets

Area under flower cultivation in Punjab is About 13000 acres. There are four major markets for these flowers, which are located in Pattoki, Saggian, Theengmor and Tibba Sultanpur. Due to the lack of modern facilities in these flower markets, 20 to 30% of the flowers are spoiled. To prevent the loss of flowers, modern facilities are being planned in these markets, where auction hall and cold store facility will be available.


  • To reduce post-harvest losses
  • Improvement of floriculture markets infrastructure.


  • Reduction of post-harvest losses upto 15 %

Current status of wholesale markets

Value Addition of Floriculture Produce

Flowers can be used for the preparation of many value added products and have high demand in international market. For example, Surkha gulab is widely cultivated in Punjab. Usually its fresh flowers are used in the celebration of happiness. Another variety of rose which is called Centifolia rose is used for the preparation of Rose water. Provision of flower dehydration units and Roses water plants to rose growers will increase the export of dried flower petals and production of rose water will increase.


  • Value addition of flowers


  • Production of export quality Dehydrated rose petals and Rose water


Production and Introduction of Open Pollinated Seeds  of Seasonal Flowers 

Seasonal flowers are widely cultivated in Pakistan for Landscape purpose. For this purpose, hybrid seeds are being imported which costs a lot of foreign exchange. Hybrid seed import can be minimized by producing open pollinated seeds. In this regard, OP seeds of seasonal flowers have been cultivated at Vegetable Seed Farm Khanewal to meet local needs.


  • Reduction in import of Hybrid seeds of seasonal flowers


  • OP seeds of seasonal flowers will be available to fulfill local demand.

Introduction of Flower Cultivation in Fort Munro

Climatic conditions of Fort Munro are very suitable for flower cultivation. In view of this, it is planned to introduce flower cultivation in the area. Due to high temperature of summer, the production of flowers in the plains of Punjab decreases. During summer, climate is suitable in Mort munro. Therefore, in the summer flowers can be successfully cultivated in this area.


  • Introduction of flower cultivation in Fort munro


  • Establishment of new hub for flower cultivation.